Thursday, July 19, 2018

Grand Family Reunion
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

shirley goudeau edwards

By Shirley Goudeau Edwards, Chair
Reunion Committee

 The Second Grand Family Reunion was held in July in 1983 in Oklahoma City.  There were about 400 in attendance.  The family gathered at the Lincoln Plaza Hotel and Conference Center.  Events included a “Get Acquainted” Reception on Friday evening as well as a talent show.  The Get-Acquainted Reception featured a genealogy slide show presented by Florence Reed.  The talent show included a variety of performances, ranging from songs to skits to poetry reading and dancing.  There was free time for attendees to sightsee or enjoy individual activities during the day on Saturday.  Some family members had the impression that they were coming to the Old West, but were surprised to learn that Oklahoma City is a major metropolitan center with much to offer. Scheduled activities on Saturday included a barbeque dinner featuring western attire in the afternoon, and a casual banquet dinner in the evening.  A memorial service was held on Sunday morning to honor those who had passed on since the prior reunion.  Lurah Bean rendered a solo, and candles were lit to represent each of those who had died.  Plans for the 1986 Reunion were discussed and the decision was made to meet in Long Beach, California.  Committee members included Celestine Johnson, Betty Henderson, Mary Slaughter, Janice Brown, and Florence Reed.  Thanks to the work of the Oklahoma City Committee Members, the Grand Family Reunion was a great success.

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