Thursday, July 19, 2018
BEST OF EVERYTHING: Mama's Creole Kitchen


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 Guidry's Fabulous Creole Cookbook!

Over 300 of the best Creole Family Heritage recipes and memories by Marilyn Goudeau Guidry - a descendant of all 5 GrandF amily bloodlines - Dupre, Goudeau, Lacour, Metoyer, and Ray !!!



Open this cook book and you are immersed in a world of Creole cultural and culinary delights. The cook book, “Best of Everything: Mama’s Creole Kitchen,” by Port Arthur resident Marilyn Goudeau Guidry, has over 300 recipes including family photos, and special memories that reflect her heritage. Many of the recipes stem from the Creole cooking dating over 100 years, and many from her fabulous collections and creations over her many years cooking.

Guidry’s father, Warrington Bernard Goudeau, owned and operated Goudeau’s Grocery and Meat Market in Port Arthur for many years. The cover of her cook book is a photo of her father’s first grocery store which he organized in what was originally the living room of his home. It was here that Marilyn’s cooking skills were first cultivated over 55 years ago at the young age of 12 years.

Recently featured as a Port Arthur News “Senior on the Go,” Guidrymom mustard pa news photo 4 web speaks of her childhood growing up in the grocery business, “I am very proud of the way they made me work.” She dedicates her new cook book to her father who “always encouraged me to cook, cook, cook” and “to never give up.”

 And she did not give up. By the time she reached 17 years, she received the Betty Crocker’s National Homemaker of Tomorrow Award. As a mother of seven, she nurtured her children by cooking each daily meal, often having creative international meals with a unique Creole touch.

In Texas, “Mama Guidry” has catered numerous social events, including weddings, parties, and dinners for politicians and officials. Almost everyday, a friend or family member calls her for directions and tips when attempting to cook a dish.

After retiring from owning and operating her beauty shop in 2001, she got right to work again on her lifelong dream - writing a cook book. After nearly a lifetime of preparation and months of work, it’s finished!


Marilyn Goudeau Guidry is the Honorary Hostess of the Grand Family Reunion 2011: Celebrating 30 Years! She is a lifelong resident of Port Arthur with family roots in the Creole communities of Goudeau and Cane River, Louisiana.

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